All my life I’ve believed that prayer is simple, simple, simple.

By that I mean that prayer is simply talking to my Lord, my Savior, my Best Friend, my Guide, my Shepherd, my Everything. (And of course, that also makes it unbelievably profound.)

I love those times when I get on my knees before my Lord and pour out my heart to Him. I love those days when I spend a long time in prayer. These actions are essential in my life. However, they don’t represent my entire prayer life. My desire, my goal, my intent, is to stay in communion with my Savior all day long!

I believe that’s His desire, goal and intent for my life, too. Why? Because then deep, meaningful, constant relationship is occuring between the two of us. It’s John 15 really happening in my life: I’m remaining in Him, intimately connected to the Vine.

In his book, “The Praying Life”, which I’ve mentioned earlier, Miller writes about this kind of praying:

“Most of us simply want to get rid of anxiety. Some hunt for a magic pill that will relieve the stress. Others pursue therapy. While antidepressants and counseling have helped many people, including me, the search for a ‘happy pill’ or ‘happy thoughts’ will not stop our restless anxiety. It runs too deep.

Instead of fighting anxiety, we can use it as a springboard to bending our hearts to God. Instead of trying to suppress anxiety, manage it, or smother it with pleasure, we can turn our anxiety toward God. When we do that, we’ll discover that we’ve slipped into continuous praying.”

I love that! It’s what I believe to be true about “simple prayer”. It’s turning to our Savior in everything. Sad? Then pray. Anxious? Then pray. Depressed? Then pray. Happy? Then pray.

Miller goes on to write, “Instead of hunting for the perfect spiritual state to lift you above the chaos, pray in the chaos. As your heart or your circumstances generate problems, keep generating prayer.”

Oh, what a Savior! One who cares about every single aspect of our (sometimes) chaotic lives! Oh, what a privilege to pray to the One who cares about every single aspect of our lives! May we, His children, develop such an intimate relationship with Him that we find ourselves talking to Him all day long (and throughout the night as we awaken.) About everything. That’s simple prayer, yet so profound.

“Pray continually”. I Thessalonians 5:16