Today in Heartstrings we finished a six-week series on the topic of prayer. At the end of the class one of the women asked a question that kind of slapped us all in the face. She essentially asked, “Knowing all that we know about prayer, why don’t we pray more – especially with other Christians?” It is a question that all of us who profess to love Jesus should ask. “Why don’t we pray more?”

My friend’s question reminded me of a commentary I recently read on Ephesians 3:14 where Paul is kneeling before His Father and praying for his beloved friends. These words stir my heart:

“Perhaps we enter into the activity [of prayer] so often that we have lost the sense of privilege it should engender. It may be easy for us to forget that in spite of our sin we are allowed by grace to speak one-on-one with the Father who is perfect and holy. We may overlook the fact that we who are limited in power have access to enter before the One who spoke all things into existence, and who could just as easily speak again and make all things cease to exist. We may become so accustomed to our activity that we forget how ignorant we are and how all-knowing God is. We may forget that few of us ever will have the unique privilege to be found in the audience of our elected officials, and yet we all have the freedom to come and go at will before the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Now wonder Paul knelt in prayer.” (NIV Commentary)

I don’t want to ever lose the sense of wonder and amazement that with every breath I take I can also offer up a prayer to my Lord of Lords and King of Kings, my Best Friend, my Shepherd, my Anchor, my Counselor, my Guide, my Intercessor, my Redeemer, my Hope, my Everything.

Won’t you join me in this amazing, fabulous, precious gift we’ve been given…to pray.