I’m longing to experience a mighty outpouring of the Spirit of God.  I mean, a mighty outpouring!  An out and out revival.  I’m hoping that I don’t die before I get to be in the middle of such an outpouring of the Spirit upon His church

I’m convinced that prayer holds the key to that revival occuring.  I believe that prayer is the main road to seeing mighty things happen, to seeing revival fall.

E.M. Bounds, the great writer on prayer, said it this way, “[P]rayer is of transcendent importance. Prayer is the mightiest agent to advance God’s work.”  He also wrote, “The God of revivals…is willling to hear and to answer the faithful, believing prayers of his people today.”

Bounds writes about the fact that we’re not just talking about surface praying, throwing up prayers throughout the day.  He writes, “Praying…means much more than men who say prayers; much more than men who pray by habit.  It means men with whom prayer is a mighty force, an energy that moves heaven, and pours untold treasures of good on earth.”  To go deeper in prayer, to pray for extended times in seclusion, to intercede with others for others…this is what I long for and what I believe is God’s call on His people, if we want to see a mighty moving of the Spirit of God upon our nation and our world.

Bounds also convicts me when he writes, “A revival of real praying would produce a spiritual revolution.”

Won’t you join me in prayer for this mighty outpouring of the Spirit of God?  Let’s see together what God can do.