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I’ve found out that with kids and grandkids, somehow the heart’s capacity for love enlarges.

I first experienced this truth when we had Heather.   My heart was so filled with love that I truly worried that I wouldn’t be able to love our second baby as much as I did the first.  Then we had Kari and I found that somehow the heart enlarges; there was plenty love to go around for both of my children!  I loved them both so much I couldn’t even put it into words…and still do.

I’ve found it to be true again with my grandkids.  From the moment Kari and Josh told us we were having a grandchild, I loved that baby. (I know that sounds so wierd/strange, but it’s really true.  Still to this day I don’t know exactly how I could love someone I hadn’t even yet seen, but it happened!)  We’ve had over three years of watching her grow, change, mature and develop, and we love her so much that I can’t even put it into words.  But now our precious little Leo has been added to our lives, and I already love him so much that I’m amazed at how I could love someone whom I’ve only seen for nine days of his life!  Somehow my heart has enlarged.

What a wonderful quality to possess as human beings!