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Because I believe prayer is so absolutely essential to the Christian life, I’ll periodically give you a quote on prayer, especially when one touches my heart. Here’s one that my dear friend, Margy, recently sent to me.  It’s by one of our favorite authors, Andrew Murray, whose work always challenges and encourages me.

“Come, and however feeble you feel, just wait in His presence. As a feeble sickly invalid is brought out into the sunshine to let its warmth go through him, come with all that is cold and dark in you into the sunshine of God’s holy, omnipotent love, and sit and wait there, with the one thought: Here I am, in the sunshine of His love. As the sun does its work in the weak one who seeks its rays, God will do His work in you.”

(Andrew Murray)

I love this quote.  It deals with an aspect of prayer that we so seldom experience:  that of simply sitting before the Lord, without asking, speaking, accomplishing, imploring or requesting.  It’s simply sitting before Him and allowing His love and presence to pour over us, to draw us closer and closer to the heart of God.  I’m not very good at this aspect of prayer yet, but I want to get better.  It’s a life-time journey of learning, but at least I’m on the road.

Maybe you can join me on that journey?