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This weekend John is preaching on relationships.  He will talk about how easy it is to give up on relationships when we think that they are simply too broken, too disappointing, too difficult, to ever be good/healed/satisfying.

He will talk about blaming – about how easy it is to look at the other person and think, “If only he/she would change, THEN this relationship could improve.”

As I listened to the message last night, it reminded me of one of my favorite quotes that has touched me time and time again.

“We are too quick to resent and feel what we suffer from others, but fail to consider how much others suffer from us.  Whoever considers his own defects fully and honestly will find no reason to judge others harshly.” 

(Thomas a Kempis)

Wow! So true…so convicting…so challenging…

“Help me, Lord, to allow you daily to examine my own heart, mind, motives, attitudes and actions and to reveal to me where I am at fault, to blame, or the reason for any of my relationships that are less than they can/should be. And thank you with all my heart that the Holy Spirit lives inside me to give me the grace and strength and love that’s needed to have the relationships that you desire for me.  I depend on you; I yield to you; I trust you.  You are the miracle-working God, especially in this area of relationships.  How I praise you.”