Those who know blogs tell us for a blog to be successful, we have to blog more often.  One person recently told us that we don’t have to worry about being profound or writing about major topics, but simply WRITE.  Just write about things that are happening in our lives or things that we find interesting, etc.

Well, I have one place of major interest in my life. That’s our little Stella Rose.  I have to admit, I have to FORCE myself NOT to write about her all the time.  She is just so precious, so smart, so verbal, so interesting, so ever-changing, so loveable…I guess you get the point…that I love to tell people about her.  Then I hear this little voice inside saying, “Patty, they, too, have children or grandchildren and they,too,have their own stories, so ease up on the Stella stories!”

And so I do.

But since our “blogging expert” encourged us this week to blog more often about those things that most interest us, I’ll tell you another Stella story and beg your indulgence.  🙂

Stella and her daddy were laying in bed and she wanted to take her socks off.  Her daddy, Josh, who is usually extremely very conciliatory about her requests, told her no. When she asked why, he said it was because he didn’t want to have to put them back on her later.  She told him not to worry because she would do it herself.

Minutes later, she called him back into her room and sweetly asked him if he could help her in putting her socks back on.  Her reasoning?  “Because my feet are so big and my hands are so small”.  I can just hear that precious little voice oh, so sweetly working its magic on her daddy, melting his heart.

Thanks for indulging me. Now I have another post completed!