Oh, my goodness…I can’t believe it’s been three weeks since I’ve posted anything on my blog!  But we took an extended time away, and I didn’t even take my computer with me!  It’s great to “disconnect” sometimes.

We took the last two weeks of vacation and spent them in sunny California.  The first week we went up north to Sonoma Valley where some friends had loaned us a great house to stay in right on the Russian River.  (We laughed often about two Wesleyan, non-drinkin’ pastors spending a week in wine country!)  We spent hours in front of the fireplace, reading and talking.  We walked and walked in lovely Healdsburg.  We made supper together each night and ate healthy and well.  It slept and talked and slept and talked.  It was wonderful.

Then we went to Pasadena and had the best time in the world with our kids and with our precious Stella.  Oh, the memories!  We played and played and played (one day for 12 hours!)  One afternoon when we sat on the couch with her to watch the only hour a day she is allowed TV, John and I couldn’t keep our eyes open.  Every few minutes she would look at me and say, “Gamma, open your eyes!”  I haven’t been that tired in a long time!

Two of the days I had the joy of going with her to her pre-school and spent three hours each time with 13 three year olds.  What a fun, tiring, rewarding time it was!

This weekend John was able to share about our news that in May we will welcome Leo James into the family.  It’s been a hard secret to keep for these past five months, but Kari and Josh wanted to keep it quiet for as long as possible due to all the complicating circumstances that go with it.  We pray fervently for that precious little boy and for his mommy and daddy.  May 10 can’t come soon enough.  We so appreciate the thousands of prayers from so many of you who love us and them so much.  We are grateful beyond words.

Then we came back to church this weekend and it was so wonderful to be back home, worshipping at Heritage.  It was an amazing weekend at church; the Lord was really working and we are so grateful!  This week we stepped back into work with renewed zest and energy.  It’s great to go away…and it’s so great to come home!