I know some of you are wondering if I’ve given up writing on my blog because it’s been two weeks since I’ve posted something new.  Well, I haven’t given it up; I’ve just been so swamped that it’s the one thing I COULD neglect, so I did.

Tomorrow I’m headed off to Israel with a bunch of people from Heritage!  It sounds crazy and amazing even to me!  I’m going to a place I’ve read about since I was a child.  I had the wonderful privilege of growing up reading and loving the Bible, so the places recorded in the Bible stories have been a part of my life as long as I can remember.

And now I’m going to WALK on the streets of those places.  It’s hard to even take it in completely.

I wonder how I’ll feel.  I wonder how those stories will come alive even more in my life as I stand where the events happened.  I wonder how it will be to walk in the localities where my Savior walked.  I wonder when it will really hit me the most – when the “God moment” will come to me – that moment when I will most recognize the power of God or the love of God or the majesty of God or the strength of God.  I wonder…I wonder…I wonder how I’ll feel.

I don’t go with certain expectations.  I’m going with an open mind and an open heart and an open Bible, ready and anxious to have the Holy Spirit speak with a whisper or with a shout.  I just want to be really open and really receptive and really sensitive to His voice, His leading…

I do know I long to draw closer to my Savior than ever before. I do long to become more like Him than ever before.  I’m sure He’s pleased with that longing (since He placed it in me) and He will graciously answer it.

I’ll let you know how it goes when I return.