This week Kari took Stella to Target to look at the Halloween costumes.  Surprisingly, Stella didn’t want to look at any Halloween costumes UNTIL she spotted the pink horsie!  She ran over to it, put it on her feet and immediately expressed her desire for this particular Halloween costume.  She said, “I love it!  I want to sleep with it!”  Kari informed her that she wasn’t buying such an expensive costume ($30.00).  Stella looked right at her mommy and said, “Call Gamma Patty!”

So, Kari told her she would take a picture and send to Gamma Patty and PappaJohn (one word) and see what they would say.  Stella ran over to sit down with the pink horsie on her feet, grabbed the pumpkin to sit beside her, looked at the camera and said, “Cheese!” 

Needless to say, Stella will be wearing the pink horsie for Halloween. The check’s in the mail!