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I could write about our little Stella Rose on every blog I create!  I have to curtail my stories about her because I want to talk about her all the time, to everyone I see.  I still have a hard time believing that I could love a little 2 1/2 year old this much – that is, one that didn’t come from my own body.

I want to buy Stella stuff all the time!  Just little stuff, but stuff that I know she would love because she is so easy to please and excite.  This spring we saw some little wings at a Cracker Barrel that we thought she would love, so, we sent them to Pasadena and we were right; she does love them.

Today this is what she said to her mommy. (A word of explanation:  Last week she began going to preschool a couple of afternoons a week – which she loves!  And George is one of her favorite stuffed animals, given to her by her Auntie Heather.)

“After school I’m going to put on my wings and fly like Tinkerbell and like airplane…and I’m gonna look for Margot and I’m gonna find Margot and I’m gonna put Margot in my belly and fly to my home and put Margot in your belly and say, “Yeah!!!” (clapping) and say, “Does that feel better?” and I’m gonna put my wings back in my room with George and say, “You’re welcome!”

Oh, my goodness!

As I read those words and my tears flow, I recognize for the zillioneth time how much I love that little girl and how much joy she brings to all who know her.

I love that story simply because of the beauty of it.  Out of sheer desire to help her mommy feel better, Stella creates a little scenario in her mind of how to ease the pain in the one she adores.

I don’t need to spiritualize this story for it to be special to me.  But it did remind me that this is probably one of  many ways where I should be more like a little child – looking for ways I can try to ease someone’s pain.  So, today, when I spoke with a woman I don’t know who lost her husband recently, I felt the nudge to set down all the stuff I was carrying and give her a hug.  When I saw a couple from our church who are hurting over losing their twin babies before they were born, I knew I had to delay getting to my next appointment so I could love on them and let them cry.  When I heard from a despondent person how hopeless life is, I knew I needed to respond that I know that Jesus will meet her at her point of need.

Oh, that I will be more and more conscious of hurting people all around me.

Lord, give me the heart of a child so I can put on my wings and love on anyone who needs to know that someone cares.  Don’t let me miss the opportunities because I’m so busy or preoccupied or wanting to do my own thing.

And thank you for my precious Stella Rose.  And for our precious little Margot June who I never got to meet this side of eternity.